Our Story

Smokin’ Joe’s and Sons originated in a small town on the Oregon Coast.  Life for our family revolves greatly around hunting, fishing, and living off of the great Northwest. Learning to process our own smoked meats is a normal part of life for our family, but it wasn’t until 2016 that we had the idea to do something for our canine companions as well.

One day, years ago, we attempted to smoke wild game bones for our four legged family members.  They absolutely loved them! After sharing our bones with others, we realized there was an increasing demand for healthy and delicious dog treats.  We took as much time as we needed testing different methods and perfecting our product for the public.

Smokin’ Joe’s and Sons bones create whiter teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath.  They are all-natural, full of healthy bone marrow, preservative-free, and smoked to perfection.  Every single bone is handled many times during processing to assure the highest quality product on the market.  Our bones are packed with all natural vitamins and minerals that are vital to your pet’s mental and physical health. Here at Smokin’ Joe’s and Sons, we honor our product, and your pet’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Bone appetit!

Joseph and Riley Rogers
Company founders

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